UVC Sterilizing LED Bar Light

UVC Sterilizing LED Bar Light

Two  operating modes(Lighting and Sterilization). It is a lighting equipment when people work, it is a sterilization equipment when people leave. Keep the working place safe each day.

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LED UVC bar light can be used for daily disinfection of wardrobes, cabinets, jewelry showcases, supermarket shelves, etc. The whole light adopts UVA + UVC. LED light source kills bacteria up to 99.9%, and is compatible with the LED modularized linear light to achieve the the integration of lighting and disinfection;



Name: UVC Sterilizing LED Bar Light
Model: LS1213B-200UVC
Wavelength: 275nm and 405nm
Power: 3W
Size: 200×12.5x13mm
Voltage: 24VDC
Operating mode: Lighting and Sterilization
Killing Rate of bacteria: 99.9%(irradiate 15min at a distance of 20cm)
IP Grade: IP20
Lifespan: 10000 hours


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