Lighting News

The First 50W Seven-Die LED Emitter In The World

LED Engin, an Osram business, has unveiled the LZ7 Plus, the world’s first 50W seven-die LED emitter. The new LED emitter is designed to meet the trends of stage lighting fixtures. Featuring seven high-power dies in six colors, LZ7 Plus can be individually controlled to deliver intense, saturated colors, as well as high quality white light as a result of color mixing. The new LED comes with a 50W package with high-current dies including red, green, blue, cyan, lime and amber [...]

Smart Lighting Market Will Escalate

Smart lighting has been developed for years, but products and applications are not really used widely. In 2017, however, smart lighting has begun to escalate with diversification of products, continuous improvements of technology, maturing ecosystem of industry chain, and active promotion of manufacturers. According to the latest data of LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the global smart lighting market reached a value close to US$4.6 billion in 2017 with an annual growth rate of 95%. The market size is [...]

EVERLIGHT Demonstrates New Signage LEDs at Integrated Systems Europe

EVERLIGHT attended Integrated Systems Europe for the first time to demonstrate signage LED components for indoor and outdoor applications including all dimensions, packages, viewing angles, and performances. The HNB2727, HNB1921, HNB1515 series for outdoor applications as well as 18-035(0505) for indoor signage achieve true color in high resolution with advanced technologies and have passed multiple reliability certificates. (Image: EVERLIGHT) For outdoor signage applications, EVERLIGHT provides PLCC and Lamp packaged products. The PLCC-packaged series HNB2727, HNB1921 and HNB1515, as well as a [...]

How to Protect LED Bulbs Against Power Surge

LED technology has been widely adopted in lighting because it is highly energy efficient and durable. On the other hand, LED lamps contain a number of delicate semiconductor elements, which are more susceptible to power surge damages than conventional lamps. Especially in countries where power grids are relatively unstable, damages to LED products caused by power surge are more common. What is power surge? Imagine this: there’s a thunderstorm outside, lightning strikes nearby, the power cuts out for a moment then [...]

Micro LED Market Value Expected to Skyrocket 654%

Japan-based Yano Research Institute issued on 4th September a research report projecting the market value of Micro LED in 2017 to be USD 7 million following Sony’s launch of CLEDIS display that features Micro LED technology. The market is slowly shaping up. In addition to Sony, the institute indicated, Apple and Foxconn also foresaw the potential of Micro LED. Apple plans to equip its smartwatch products with Micro LED displays in 2018-2019, while Foxconn acquires a startup specializing in Micro [...]

Nichia LD Strategic Planning

According to Japanese media Nikkei, major LED manufacturer Nichia Corporation plans to invest around 22 billion Japanese yen (about US$197 million) by the end of 2020 to build a new laser diode (LD) factory at its current production base. LD can be used as a light source for projectors, endoscopes and headlights. The Japanese LED maker’s goal is to increase current LD production capacity by at least three-fold by 2020. The new factory has gone under construction since June 1, [...]