How to Protect LED Bulbs Against Power Surge

LED technology has been widely adopted in lighting because it is highly energy efficient and durable. On the other hand, LED lamps contain a number of delicate semiconductor elements, which are more susceptible to power surge damages than conventional lamps. Especially in countries where power grids are relatively unstable, damages to LED products caused by power surge are more common.

What is power surge?

Imagine this: there’s a thunderstorm outside, lightning strikes nearby, the power cuts out for a moment then returns; then you try to switch on lamp, it doesn’t seem to work. Another occasion: on a regular day, you switch on the lamp, but soon after, the lamp burns out. In electrical engineering, these anomalies are due to a sudden spike of electrical power, called “power surge”, which raises the voltage level above the limit that your lamp was designed to handle.

How does it damage your lamps?
Power surge can instantly overload and short out the circuitry of home electronics or anything else plugged into the wall, causing damage to the electronic circuit boards. This will therefore degrade the home electronics, such as LED bulbs, over time and shorten their service life even though they still remain functional.

How to solve this challenge?

Since power surge is objectively inevitable, especially in power grid unstable regions, how can we protect our LED light bulbs from such damage? A new LED solution designed by the Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) LED lab may present an answer to this question. As the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX strives to lead innovative LED development. This time on the Light+Building Messe Frankfurt fair schedule to exhibit in a week’s time, WELLMAX will debut a new LED solution that offers a unique and improved lighting experience that is more friendly to the eyes; this LED solution can be adopted into a wide range of LED products, and more importantly, can provide added protection for the product to withstand power surge, effectively strengthening product quality and durability.